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pic-1-fancyYour Business Website Needs Sales, Right? Of course! You need more customers, you need more sales, you want to grow your profitability. That is a given. The problem is, that most businesses don’t have a great marketing agency, so they have to go to a bunch of different teams to help them with this and that.

We have come up with a solution. We created a Marketing Club, where you can pay a flat fee per month, that is so affordable every single business in north america can afford it! What does it include?

It includes tools and software that can help your business and save you a lot of money in the process. Instead of paying the thousands of dollars per month for the software and/or tools, we include them in the membership, at a discount. Why would we do that? Because it is our hopes that you will get to know us and then you can hire some of our other teams, with a VIP Membership Discount, to help you with other marketing, that can really help you increase your profitablity, repair your reputation when needed, create videos to help you online, help you generate leads if that is what your business needs and so much more.

rencontre avec des stars skyblog We are a Full Service Marketing Agency


So that makes us the perfect choice to create a marketing club, because we have teams that can do pretty much anything you need, so when you see how good we do as the membership, you’ll know you can trust us to do whatever else you need, or help you get it done! All under ONE Umbrella! No need to go here and there to get your marketing done!
responsiveThe best part is, there is no obligation to ever continue with us, or to ever hire us to do anything else! We want you to know that your company is in great hands, we treat your marketing like it was our marketing, but even better!!!

Nothing is more important to us than your company finding success. It is all part of our mission. We want to help businesses create more jobs and it has nothing to do with the current president. (We don’t get into politics, so no worry, you support who you want, we want to support YOU).

The fact of the matter is, whether you need help with your website, or LeadGen, we have a team available to help you and as a VIP Club Member, you get a discount on anything you ever have us do as long as you’ve been an active member for the past 32 days. Why 32 days? Because we don’t want people to cancel then jump back in just to hire us to do something else. Being a club member, allows us to create jobs, so we want to motivate you to keep up your membership, it allows us to keep the software and tools in good working order and to help you when you need it.

How It Works: Simple & Easy


It really is easy. You just follow the 4 easy steps, outlined below…
Step 1
  • Create Membership
Step 2
  • Provide Logins
Step 3
  • We Provide Tools
Step 4
  • You get Access!
You will be able to manage just about everything, what you cannot manage, we do! We also just want to make sure you get everything you manage, setup correctly, therefore we will do most of the setup for you, where appropriate.

Everything Included

Social Media Hub
This is an app that let’s you connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and of course YouTube! One location to manage all of your content posts!! You can add all of your content from that one location, schedule it up to 1 year away, see analytics of what is getting a lot of attention, etc. Amazing!!!! Charter Members get access to find content automatically, with no extra fee. It will be an addon when we launch the club…
Website Messaging
Code we give you to put on your website that let’s people leave you a voice message or video message using their webcam, right on your website. (Just like on this website, at the bottom of this page, leave us a message to try it out!)
Plus we can integrate it into a email list so you can have them join your marketing list… you get the message right to your email or sms.
Heat Map Tracking
Code we give you to put on your website, records your website when people land on it, so you can see what they see, how the see it, it can identify what they are looking at, what they ignore and so much more… it is awesome for analytics…

This is amazing, because it literally records what they see, so you can watch videos and see how they seen your website, what they look at, etc!

Special Video Spark
Access for Social Signal Marketing, Skyrockets Social Signals Needed for Google Ranking on Page 1! This tool alone we have sold to businesses for $197 per month, with a fee per video! This alone is worth the Normal membership, but to include it in the charter membership is ludicrous, but we want to put it in at the outset!

Also, it cost over $28,000 to Launch this!!

Content Linkz
This is really amazing software. Content Linkz cloud which allows you to profit from any content you share on social media, and get more traffic to your videos, website, or affiliate offers. With our Content Linkz you can create special type of “sharing link” which you own, and because you own the link, you can add your video, lead form, call to action, or any advertisement on top of any webpage or video. When your post with our Content Linkz is shared, re-twitted, or re-pinned your own link goes viral! There are many ways to… (read more)
Mascot Creation Software
We will give you access to our Mascot Creator to create your very own, business Mascot! You can use the mascot in your videos, on your website, printed material and so much more! This is a $997 value!!

Having a mascot can help you get branded even better! Get your mascot on your website, printed out and put in your physical location, and then your branding will really GROW! That is up to you. Use it or don’t. But you have access to it!

Social Media Auto-Response
We will setup access to an account where you can automatically create an auto response to your Facebook messenger, so that way if someone talks to you, you don’t appear to ignore them. Automatically respond, and create a great keyword response, for example, if they ask for support you can auto respond with your phone number, and/or support email, you can set questions up, and give responses to specific questions, automatically! So much more! Bonus, we can also setup a way to put… (read more)
Breakthrough Software access that Lets You QUICKLY & EASILY Maximize Profits OVERNIGHT – Even With A TINY Budget! MAXIMIZE Income Growth, MINIMIZE Risk… WITHOUT Wasting another PENNY on unprofitable ads, Struggling to figure out specific campaign results, Wondering EVER AGAIN how to scale your income AND it Works with ALL page builders, sales funnels, eCom platforms, affiliate promotions, CPA offers, websites and more… Built for The 3 Most Important Letters For Every Marketer and/or Business Owner – ROI!
Contentio System
If you have a wordpress website, we will install our Contentio System to put a 3-Step Tool Generates Google-Friendly High Authority Content For Your Website In Less Than 60-Seconds! Rank high in Google with SEO-Optimized Content! Create Lead Magnets, Blog Posts, Online Courses Without Spending A Single Cent on content writers!
Included free for the first 5 charter members only, we will create a custom video for your business, done for you! Included in first 5 charter memberships ONLY! Each Video has a minimum value of $1,000! Type of video? Spokesmodel – To help you land more customers!
Included free for the first 5 charter members only, we will create a Video Intro/Outro (your choice) for you! We will take your Logo, and create a professional video intro or outro to brand your business! Makes an impressive video for your business, you can then put it in every one of your videos! This service costs businesses a minimum of $297!
Included free for the first 5 charter members only, we will give you a login to a Analytics account, where you can see everything your website has on Google analytics without having to figure out everything. The system we have, puts everything in a professional looking graphic bar codes, etc. You can install it on your phone too, so you can see everything you need to know about your analytics. It is a normal $19.95/Mo upgrade fee for the main members if they want it, FREE only for the first 5 charter members!

Plus Our Support Team is Just Awesome


We would like to introduce you to our Support Team for our Marketing Club…

Richard Jones
Business Director

Chantelle Jones
Customer Service

Charles Jones
Customer Support

Customer Service



This Marketing Club Is Your Final Solution!
Become a Member before We Shut it Down! Limited Spaces So Hurry Up…

We simply cannot allow every business in America to join our club. We want to provide exceptional support and that would just be way to hard with if we millions of businesses join us.
Now your chance to become a VIP Club Member

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